Martha Barwood

Regency Romance Author

What about a free gift?

He pledged to live the rest of his life in solitude until he encounters a woman who makes him feel whole again…


Martha is a talented Regency author who enjoys sharing her passion for writing with her readers. She was born in England and grew up in a country house a few miles from Norwich with her mother and three sisters.

Her admiration for the old dresses that he mother has kept safe since her grandmother’s age, made her fall in love with England’s history and the most romantic period, the Regency.

Her motto “do it with passion or not at all” led her to the United States where she studied Literature and Art History. 

She is an incredible mom of three wonderful dogs and also a confectioner! In her free time she makes colourful cakes and sweets, listening to soft music and relaxing with a fine red wine.

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