Martha Barwood

Regency Romance Author

The Scarred Viscount's

The Extended Epilogue

“Sometimes, it is hard for me to envision this marriage,” Kitty said excitedly, patting her husband’s shoulder. “Or do you?”

Everyone was happier than ever, but none than James and Genevieve. It had been two years since their wedding and every day was more blissful than the last. Brandon, their first child was crawling around between the legs of the visitors and he giggled when Marcia reached out to hold him. Genevieve had taken in again, and they were expecting a second child.

Each day was marvelous after they moved to the countryside on the evening of their wedding, and Genevieve did not ever want to leave. The halls were quite at first, empty passageways where her and James would laugh and read and make love. It was a beautiful experience, and continued to be blissfully so.

“Is this merely a party?” Elizabeth asked, her husband in tow as they walked into the house. “And why am I not seeing cake and lemonade?”

Genevieve laughed and hugged her friend. “It has been long, has it not?”

Elizabeth smiled. “Barely three months since we saw one another, Genevieve. Not really a long time.”

James carried his son from his mother and tickled him. He placed a light kiss on his child’s head, his eyes filled with love and relief. He had never loved anyone as much as his family. And that family was only going to grow bigger as the years passed by them.

“Have you read the gossip columns?” Alice said, her hands thrown out in amazement. “We have been termed London’s best couple of the Season! Even though we have been married for two years.”

James laughed. “You never used to care about these columns, Alice. Tell me, what changed? And do not let your excuse be Robert’s indulgence.”

Everyone burst into laughter. “It is only a particular author, dear brother. And she has always caught my attentions. I just never revealed it to you.”

“Ha!” James exclaimed. “So that explains where all the pennies were going! I should have known earlier!”

“You read gossip columns too,” Genevieve said, pointing an accusing finger at James. “Or do you not?”

Everyone laughed as James sputtered. Finally, he caught his voice. “Usually, you read it a lot more than I do.”

“That does explain a lot,” she replied, every word dripping with sarcasm. “I have once caught you intensely studying one of those gossip sheets. Perhaps you would like to explain to everyone?”

Everyone present started to laugh and James blushed so hard that his face turned red. And he was happy. Genevieve teased him about everything, and he loved it.

He pulled her close with one hand while supporting Brandon with the other. “This teasing has to stop.”

She smiled wickedly. “Oh, it will not. As long as I love you, James. For the rest of my life.”

And then he kissed her lightly, his heart filling with relief and excitement.

The End

Martha Barwood